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Why Half The Church?

Half the church, (A phrase used by author, Carolyn Custis James) is a coalition of Christian leaders, both men and women, ranging from pastors, lay leaders, church planters, historians, poets, journalists, and all in-between who long to see the American church truly empower the whole church. Thus, "HTC" focuses on helping egalitarian churches align their theology with praxis in order to see an increased amount of women leading within the American Church. We hold a deep conviction that the American Church will not fully thrive, until it is fully empowered.

March 18, @ 7-9PM & March 19, 8:30AM-2PM

The American church will have a shot at thriving, when it is fully empowered

Lectures. Networking. Workshops. Resourcing


2 Amazing days in NYC with like-minded leaders 


with 10 experienced practitioners who think systematically, theologically, and strategically


equipping individuals from over 20 different churches across the city


while also giving away 30K+ to women leading in ministry
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