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We've pulled together some of the finest historians, pastors, practitioners and poets to help align an egalitarian theology with praxis to empower the whole church

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Drew Jackson
Pastor of Hope East Village and author of God speaks through wombs

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God speaks through wombs

Drew Jackson is the founding pastor of Hope East Village in New York City. He also writes poetry at the intersection of justice, peace, and contemplation, with a passion to contribute toward a more just and whole world. He and his wife have twin daughters and live in Lower Manhattan.



Dr. Beth Allison Barr
Professor of History and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

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The Making of Biblical Womanhood

Beth Allison Barr received her B.A. from Baylor University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Medieval History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research focuses on women and religion in medieval and early modern England, especially in how they are viewed and portrayed in sermon literature. How the advent of Protestantism affected women’s roles in the church has carried her research beyond medieval Catholicism into the world of early modern Baptists. Beth is the author of The Pastoral Care of Women in Late Medieval England, co-editor of The Acts of the Apostles: Four Centuries of Baptist Interpretation, and author of The Making of biblical Womanhood


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Inés Velásquez-Mcbryde
Co-Pastor, The Church We Hope For

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Pastora, Reconciler, Justice Seeker

Inés Velásquez-McBryde is a pastor, preacher, reconciler and speaker. She is a co-lead pastor of The Church We Hope For, planting a multiethnic church with her co-pastor, Bobby Harrison, in southern California. 

Inés earned her Master of Divinity at Fuller and has 20 years of combined ministry experience in church planting and pastoral staff leadership in multiethnic churches. She was the recipient of the Ian-Pitts Watson Preaching Award at Fuller Seminary and has spoken in local church pulpits across the nation, as well as at national and regional conferences sharing her passion for multiethnic church planting, racial reconciliation, justice, and the full inclusion of women in pastoral leadership. 


Barbara Ettinger
Associate SuperIntendent, East Coast Conference Evangelical Covenant Church

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Coaching, Development, Catalyzing 

Barbara Ettinger is a sought after leader in formation and development professional with 25+ years experience in ministry and communications, providing formation, motivation, understanding, knowledge and transformation to leaders, congregations, adult learners of all ages. She currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church


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Jenn Petersen 
Pastor, Resurrection Life NYC

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Upper East Side, Pastor & Internationa Justice Mission

Jenn Petersen serves as Director of Church Mobilization in the Northeast for International Justice Mission, coming alongside churches as they seek to partner with God’s heart for biblical justice and join Him in the renewal of all things. Jenn has over 20 years of pastoral ministry experience, serving in the areas of preaching and teaching, worship, missions, children’s ministry, and church planting. Jenn has led mission teams around the world and helped to launch an immigration center at Sent Church in the Dallas area. In 2015, Jenn and her family moved from Texas to New York City to plant and pastor Resurrection Life NYC. She is married to Branden and they have two children, Aidan and Emma. Jenn holds a Master of Divinity from Wesley Seminary and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Northern Iowa.


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Bobby Harrison
Co-Pastor, The Church We Hope For

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Pastor, preacher, reconciler

Bobby Harrison is a pastor and preacher, writer and reconciler. He holds an MDiv from Fuller Seminary and a Journalism degree from Northwestern University.


He’s been married to his high school sweetheart, Amy, for 13 years and the two have three kind and courageous kids.

Bobby’s previously served as a LifeGroups Pastor and Facilitator for the Center for Racial Reconciliation at Fellowship Monrovia in California, and is planting a church on the West Coast alongside their dear friends and partners in the gospel, Rob y Inés McBryde. Bobby’s committed to the Kingdom work of multiethnic ministry and striving to see sisters and brothers equally co-laboring and leading together, side by side. 


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Macho Lara
Pastor & Worship Leader, Mosaic Church NYC

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Making disciples who make disciples

Macho & Erica lived in Brooklyn for the last 7 years before moving with their two children into Sunnyside Queens in July of ‘21 to help start Mosaic West Queens.  They have been a part of several church plant teams in the past. Currently Macho serves as the pastor of worship and discipleship at Mosaic West Queens, a church committed to creating a "New Family" in a culture of individuality, and a "New Humanity" in a culture of polarity. 


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